Data Protection/Backup Recovery Solutions
Data Storage is quickly becoming the largest financial investment that companies are making in their networks. With the importance of protecting Data, and the rate that Data is growing, finding the right storage solution is not easy. We offer proven solutions in many Data storage arenas including Backup and Protection through Tape Backup solutions, Storage virtualisation and Storage Connectivity. We've partnered with leading manufacturers to provide commercial and public sector organizations with complete storage solutions.

Enterprise Server Backup The importance of protecting an organization’s Data and IT infrastructure in the event of a disruptive situation has become an increasing and more visible business priority in recent years.

Desktop Backup solution offers secure and automatic offsite backup that is ideal for enterprise, remote-office, or branch-office environments. We ensure that our desktop backup solutions are ideal for remote users within or outside the firewalls. The Desktop Backup solution features backup software, which you can configure, deploy and centrally manage through a web-based administrative console accessible from anywhere in the world.

Tape libraries

Tape Systems continue to be the most cost-effective, flexible and scalable medium for high-capacity storage backup. Its unique attributes, such as easy transportation for outside sharing, help users manage their storage requirements and contribute to the ever-present value of tape in the storage hierarchy. Experts from Emicro Data Technologies help your organization size your tape solution according to current needs and scalability requirements. We also help you design and formulate backup policies resulting in maximum efficiency and recovery.

  • Branch Office Data Consolidation
  • Consolidated Backup
  • Data Distribution
  • Database Consistency
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Availability