Data Storage and Protection
Emicro's Data storage and protection solutions provide a vendor-neutral approach to solving your business needs, ensuring both compliance requirements and financial objectives are met. As your capacity continues its rapid and demanding growth, your information availability challenges mount.

The experts at Emicro Data Technologies are fully certified to assess, design, implement, and support Data storage solutions with advanced virtualisation Technologies and low cost of ownership. We offer tiered Data storage and management solutions that enable you to access, protect, manage, migrate, backup, and restore Data–without busting your budget. A holistic range of storage solutions are offered by our Storage Practice Team and they include planning, designing, deploying, optimizing and managing your storage.

The solution and services offered by Emicro:

Storage consolidation Consolidate all the Data to a centralized platform replacing complex heterogeneous combinations of Storage and servers. With our expertise in Storage virtualisation we can help you aggregate the physical storage resources into storage pools from which virtual storage can be drawn, to better utilize your asset and reap greater return on investment.

Data migration Migrate Data for consolidation, load balancing, and disaster recovery and technology refresh. Whether consolidating your Data centers, network, operating systems, or applications, we have deep expertise. Emicro can assist you with everything from overall strategic planning to detailed design, project management, proof of concept, and execution. Whether the migration involves moving your Database or operating system to a new physical location or hardware platform, our team of professionals will help and ensure it is done efficiently, securely, and reliably.

Storage management With our diverse experience in the storage domain, we understand products, technology and integration problems associated with storage infrastructure in a better way.

Disaster Recovery & BCP: Emicro helps organizations build robust disaster recovery process by architecting & deploying solutions that provide redundancy for critical information assets across sites. Using storage based replication methodologies, our solutions enable businesses to continue even in the event of disasters. We provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide review of existing disaster recovery capabilities, disaster recovery infrastructure and operations. This includes recommendations to optimize disaster recovery and Data management effectiveness. With BCP we provide detailed analysis of business impact, potential vulnerabilities, development, testing, implementation and maintenance for a disaster free business environment.

Data Protection & Availability: With solutions built by experts at Emicro Data Technologies we ensures availability and protection of critical information assets, while optimizing resource.

Storage Security: Solutions that we build protect Data against growing internal and external threats. Our solutions safeguard Data, regardless of whether it is retained at-rest inside storage systems, or in-flight across the storage network.

Backup Assessment: We provide a detailed analysis of all backups and restore processes and methods used throughout an existing enterprise. The service validates existing setup capabilities and makes recommendation for improvement.

Storage Audit: We provide a comprehensive, enterprise-wide assessment and review of each client existing storage infrastructure and operation, and include recommendations to optimize storage management effectiveness.

Infrastructure Design and Assessment: Provides a detailed analysis of bottlenecks and performance gaps based on business needs and suggests optimum architecture design, technology roadmap backed up with a solid TCO and ROI framework.

Emicro offers storage solutions from leading vendors to deliver:

  • Unified Storage Solutions
  • SAN and High Performance SAN
  • NAS and Scale-Out NAS
  • IP SAN
  • Tape Based Solutions
  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Replication Services
  • Email Archiving Solutions
  • File Archiving Solutions
  • Storage Consolidation and virtualisation
  • Backup Consolidation
  • Storage Infrastructure & Performance Assessment and Usage Audit
  • Storage virtualisation Assessment and Audit
  • Backup Infrastructure Assessment and Audit