Compute Systems
At Emicro Data Technologies, we help you simplify and optimize even the most complex infrastructures and heterogeneous operating system environments. Whether maximizing the utilization of existing systems, integrating and consolidating systems and servers for greater efficiency and cost savings, or designing and building your scalable architecture from the ground up, we’ll make sure your infrastructure works to:

  • Drive greater performance from existing assets by increasing system utilization
  • Enhance business agility and business decision support
  • Exploit emerging Technologies more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Reduce costs associated with managing complex and disparate systems


At Emicro we believe when it comes to servers, one size does not fit all. All servers, or server workloads, are not equal. Different applications have different performance characteristics that may benefit from a particular CPU architecture when compared to another. Some applications require larger systems with more CPU, memory, or I/O slots, while others need to have lower power and a smaller footprint in the Data center.

Emicro brings together an expert team to determine the best system or systems for a given application or environment. We will balance your requirements for server performance, scalability, reliability, and management. Our expertise extends to high availability solutions as well as deep application level integration. We can help you determine the right systems that are sized and configured to most effectively meet your business requirements.

Smart Infrastructure – Integrated Systems

Your business is increasingly challenged to improve operational efficiency in today's highly competitive, rapidly evolving marketplace. Data centers must be dynamically scalable and agile, able to quickly address your changing business requirements while delivering cost-effective performance. Rapidly changing business require fast response and that is why you should turn to integrated systems.

Emicro’s solutions based on Integrated Systems help you to combine high-performance servers, virtualisation, storage and high-speed networking into an integrated, smart infrastructure.

Your IT organization is ultimately judged by its ability to effectively deliver benefits and solutions that meet real business needs. The Integrated systems lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased effectiveness can transform the way your organization does business. These systems are ideally suited for customers interested in a system that delivers the simplicity of an integrated solution and control over tuning middleware and the run-time environment.

Agility: As you seek to innovate to bring products and services to market faster, you need fast time-to-value. Expertise built into a solution can eliminate manual steps, automate delivery, and support innovation.

Efficiency: To reduce costs and conserve valuable resources, you must get the most out of your systems with energy efficiency, simple management, and a fast, automated response to problems. With built-in expertise, you can optimize your critical business applications and get the most out of your investments. Increased simplicity: You need a less complex environment. Patterns of expertise can help you easily consolidate diverse servers, storage, and applications onto an easier-to-manage, integrated system. Control: With optimized patterns of expertise, you can accelerate cloud implementations to lower risk by improving security and reducing human error.

Featured solutions and Technologies

  • X 86 Architecture base servers/blades
  • RISC based Servers
  • Cloud Computing
  • High performance computing
  • High availability solutions
  • Server management solutions
  • Smart Integrated Systems