Mission & Values


Emicro will invest in its people and technologies so as to build sustainable difference in competencies and capabilities, both individual and organizational, for the customers that we work and for the OEMs that we represent.To be the most admired IT Service Company delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders.


We are committed to provide business transformation and effectiveness through customized technology consultancy and integration solutions to our clients that meet their specific needs within their specific timelines and costs. We help customers with ‘winning strategies’‚ strategies to be more profitable, productive and successful.

Our Goals and Values

We strongly believe in and advocate transparency to maintain an ethically and legally compliant working environment. By setting clear goals, fixing priorities, we ensure that our objectives are met with for every project. Our solutions are tailor made to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We believe in the power of innovation and creating value through superior thought processes.

Four fundamental objectives guide the operation of our services:

  • To use our expertise to benefit our clients and partners through an open and collaborative approach
  • To ensure sustainable and profitable long-term growth for both the client and our business
  • To provide returns on investment to shareholders & people who have dedicated their career to our company
  • To promote employee development